About Egypt…

Incredible how I meet great people down here. The most impressing… here, the people live much more from the heart than in Europe, great! My believe in the good has definitely grown. 22.06.2019

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Riders on the storm

To cover this all time classic was in my mind for months…now I’ve started to do it! 17.06.2019

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Most liked song

My new song “Don’t believe her” reached Top Number 1 at daily top ten list for most liked and reposted tracks at “repostexchamge.com” by Soundcloud! Proud! 30.04.2019

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Free Your Mind

Today release of the new song “Free Your Mind”. I found this basic riff somewhere and I liked it so much, had to create a song. The vocals are made by dubbing and tuning so they sound like a gospel choir…enjoy! 05.01.2019

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Move to Egypt

Tomorrow I’m leaving to Egypt…hate to stay on a cold place and winter is during from october to march. So I leave to my favorite holiday location. Will stay there for a while or even longer. Of course my studio is with me. 18.12.2018

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U Move Me

With great help from musicians of fiverr.com I’m able to release this track. The lady with the great voice is Aliz Smith from Washington D.C. and a terrific sax plays “artemjazz” from Spain. Hope you enjoy this tune. 21.08.2018

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