Smoozz immediately wows with the wonderful opening cut 'You Bring Me Sunshine' off the Dig This! album. Jazz and House fuse and the continuation of the blending of genres proceeds with 'Under The Moonlight'. Hip-Hop, Easy Listening and Jazz all inhabit the second track. The musical montage continues with an homage to the late Jim Morrison and The Doors with an instrumental cover of their 1971 hit 'Riders On The Storm'. The trudging bassline is nonstop while guitar and horn solos take the listener along on the ride. 'Don't Believe Her' sports a down tempo House groove, slowing down the pace along with 'Springtime', a smooth track which has sophisticated solos alongside Jazzy Scatting above another Easy Listening backdrop. Returning to speed 'Joy' brings the funk, a driving bassline and drum beat keep the listener in motion and Soulful vocals and horns only add to the excitement. The album closes with 'Feel The Love' tying in all the musical influences and the vast array of instrumentation and feeling. Dig This! is definitely an album any true music fan will enjoy, the combination of elements from the biggest genres, Funk, House, Jazz, and R&B are bound to connect with listeners in every corner of the musical world. MyriadMuzik.com


Actual album “Dig this!”


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